Introduction of person concerned

Gathered the top-class experts

We have invited top-class experts in their respective fields to enable us to deliver you the experiences and hospitalities that can only be acquired here.
Enjoy playing golf under the concept of world standard as much as you want.

Yoichi Nagato

Golf Course Designer


Norio Suzuki

Resident Pro,


Souichi Hiroto

Souichi Hiroto, Representative Director, Reash Project (General Incorporated Association),
Chairman Hiroto Dojo (sports seitai clinic)


Clubhouse Design:

Takashi Sugimoto

Interior Designer

Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Fine Arts, Department of Crafts.
Founded Super Potato Co., Ltd. in 1973. Handles the interior design of commercial spaces such as restaurants and hotels. Works include MUJI stores, Park Hyatt hotels (Guangzhou, Seoul, Beijing), Hyatt Regency hotels (Kyoto, Tokyo), and Shangri-La hotels (Hong Kong, Shanghai).
Won the Mainichi Design Contest in both '84 and '85. Won the Society of Japan Interior Technology Prize in '85.
Professor Emeritus at Musashino Art University.

Course photography:

Taku Miyamoto

Golf Photographer

After graduating from Kanagawa University, joined Asahi Golf's photography department. Went freelance in 1984.
Shifted the focus of his activity overseas in 1987, and as a photojournalist alone, has photographed over 100 major tournaments, including the Masters and the U.S. Open. Known for his clever use of light and shade to express the mood of the person photographed, he works both in Japan and abroad.
Official Photographer for Pebble Beach Golf Links and The Riviera Country Club.

Staff uniform Design:

Hiroshi Morioka

Fashion Director

Graduated from Waseda University.
Went freelance after serving as fashion editor in the editorial department of fashion magazine “Men's Club”.
Founded creative office “Globe” in 1996. Stylist to actors, musicians, artists, athletes, cultural person, politicians, and business leaders.
Also engages in a range of other activities such as apparel brand production/direction, publishing, and lecturing.

Branding Design:

Issen Okamoto

Art Director and Graphic Designer

Graduated from the Faculty of Modeling, Musashino Art University. Founded “Okamoto Issen Graphic Design Company” in 1979.
Designs for general magazines, PR magazines, photo books, general books, etc., creates corporate and visual identity concepts for companies, produces advertising, produces publishing, provides art direction for golf magazines, assists golf gear manufacturers with branding design, and so on.
Has published collections of his works: “Okamoto Issen Tokyo Design” and “Okamoto Issen Pure Graphic”.

Motohiro Nozu

CEO, Nippon Kabaya Ohayo Holdings Inc.


Hidenori Horii

Project Leader, Advisor,
Nippon Kabaya Ohayo Holdings Inc.


Hisao Uchikawa

Manager, The Royal Golf Club