Hole No.17 Hole No.6

the royal junior

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absolute standard


Meeting the requirements of beautiful and world standard golf course
"What people see," "the vast lawns that people walk on and feel," "what people touch with their own hands," "what people feel with their five senses," and "scenery that evokes our vision of the future"


Course Layout


A beautiful, strategy-rich course
Our course having a total length of 8,143 yards, and with a distance of 705 yards to the longest hole, is perhaps the most strategy-rich course in Japan



A club house featuring the textures of wood
A 350-yard driving range made of natural grass
We bring you the supreme pleasures of club life by paying meticulous attention to every aspect of the environment surrounding the guests.

Texture of wood


Hiroto’s method

The human body composed of over 200 bones ...
We enable all golf lovers to experience the unique physical theory proposed by Mr. Souichi Hiroto, which is based on the principle that dynamic physical power is produced when all those bones work together

Control the body

Time in Club House

Enjoy reading a book while relaxing on a sofa in the lounge
Relieve your fatigue with a drink in the bar while watching the sunset
Take a dinner chatting with family members in the restaurantWe offer more than just playing golf – but also relaxation in club house

Heart of hospitality



You can experience our beautiful golf course in about 90 minutes from the center of Tokyo.
It is also easily accessible from Japan's major airports

200, Okura, Hokota-shi,
Ibaraki, 311-2117, JapanGoogle Maps