Making Japanese golf
the World Standard.

The course was designed with the aims of creating a course that is "To be accepted by golfers from the world" "To train junior players who can win the games all over the world" and "To gather professional players who are respected in the world"
These concepts led to the creation of an 18-hole, par-72 course with a total length of 8,143 yards.
To assist Japanese junior golfers to fly to the world ...
To enable everyone to come to love golf from the bottom of their heart ...

Concept 01

Being the
"world standard"

Making Japanese golf the World Standard.
The Royal Golf Club gathered the knowledge and intellect from Japanese experts.
This is having a beautiful course and perfect course setting favorably compared with famous renowned golf course in the world and there is an ideal environment and facilities for training junior golfers who fly to the world.
We can say that this is one and only golf course made based on the passion of all Japanese experts.

Concept 02

"Japanese Golf now meets the requirements of major championships"

"Meeting the requirement of world standard.”
From the course design, its management and maintenance, gym, beauty and health-related services, brand and interior design, we meet the requirement of world standards in terms of what people see, the vast lawns that people walk on and feel, what they touch with their hands, what they feel with their five senses, and scenery that evokes our vision of the future ...