Dress Code

Requests concerning attire

Please come to the Royal Golf Club with
"Smart Casual"

We recommend you to wear a "Smart Casual" attire when coming to the Royal golf club, you’re in the club, and play golf.
Please take care of the type of attires such as color, pattern, design, and how you wear it.
We’d require you to wear a jacket when you come to the golf club except during summer seasons, July to September.
We’d like you to understand the dress code in advance and follow the regulation for every customer who comes to the golf club, because they also follow it.


Shirts without collar such as T-Shirts, jeans, cargo pants are not acceptable.

We don’t recommend you to come to the golf club with a knee-length pants. We require you to wear socks hiding your ankles or knees length socks if you wear a knee-length pants while you play golf.

Sandals, slippers are not acceptable, but high heels is acceptable when you come to the golf club. We appreciate if you don’t use a metal spike while you play golf.

We’d like you to take off a cap and a raincoat at the restaurant.

We’re highly happy if you change your clothes before having a seat at the restaurant in order not to make someone uncomfortable in summer seasons.

Hanging a towel from your body such as shoulder and neck isn’t acceptable.