Courtesy intelligence and brilliance.

Only those who have earned the personal respect from the world can move forward as the competitors of the next generation.
With courtesy and intelligence, we believe one can take on the world and the challenges that the juniors encounter will enthrall us all at THE ROYAL JUNIOR.

An introduction to the world's highest level.

The Purpose

Junior players leap out to the world.

A famous Friendly Match between the Prince of Wales and the Crown Prince of Japan held in 1922, was probably one of the most significant events in the early development of golf in Japan.
A century on from this legendary British-Japanese game, a new chapter in junior golf will open.

THE ROYAL JUNIOR is Japan's pre-eminent junior golf competition aiming to nurture the next generation of world-class competitors by the approval of The R&A, the global governing body for golf.
At The Royal Golf Club, 12 junior boys and 12 junior girls selected by the support of Japan High School and Junior High School Golf Association will play 36 holes stroke play over 2 days.

The winners will qualify for "The Amateur Championship" and "The Women's Amateur Championship" staged by The R&A in the United Kingdom.
With the honours given to the boy and girl winners, the juniors will be taking their first steps into the world stage.

  • With courtesy

    The philosophy of "THE ROYAL JUNIOR" is based on "courtesy". We believe that those who have learnt the etiquette to preserve civil society and foster consideration for others are the ones who deserve to be winners.
    The significance of this competition is to the nurture the human ability to express oneself properly, you should have courtesy and ethics over mere technique.

  • With intelligence

    "THE ROYAL JUNIOR" will be a stage that you can raise your intelligence to make the right decisions as a human being and as a golfer, and pursue your own possibilities.
    In this tournament, 12 boys and 12 girls played 36 holes over two days.
    The individuality of the juniors competes and resonates... This time should be a valuable experience to learn about yourself.

  • Like an olive

    The symbol of "THE ROYAL JUNIOR" is olive. It is a symbol of peace and wisdom and a symbol of victory. It is difficult to bear fruit with only one olive tree, and two or more trees will bear fruit.
    Levels gather and work hard to acquire the ability to compete, and the power for the future will come to fruition.

The Summary

Tournament name THE ROYAL JUNIOR
Organizer Nippon Kabaya Ohayo Holdings inc.
Approved by THE R&A
Support JAPAN GOLF ASSOCIATION/Japan High School and Junior High School Golf Association/Hokota City/Kashima City/Namegata City/Itako City/Kamisu City
Sponsors Iwase Cosfa Co., Ltd./TOYO BEAUTY CO., LTD./AIR WATER INC./ Morishigyo Group/KITAKEI CO., LTD./house-warranty/YKK AP Inc/Earth Corporation/Kashima Antlers FC
Date April 23-25, 2022
Venue The Royal Golf Club200, Okura, Hokota-shi, Ibaraki, 311-2117 Japan

The Player

The Rewards

Boy's Winner

Qualified to participate in The 127th Amateur Championship

Jun 13, 2022 - Jun 18, 2022
Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club
St Annes Old Links Golf Club

Girl's Winner

Qualified to participate in The 119th The Women's Amateur Championship

Jun 20, 2022 - Jun 25, 2022
Hunstanton Golf Club

Approved by

The R&A


  • Iwase Cosfa Co., Ltd.
  • Morishigyo Group
  • house-warranty
  • YKK AP Inc
  • Earth Corporation


Held on April 23, 2022 - April 24, 2022
The Competition for the qualification to participate in The Amateur Championship ended successfully.


THE ROYAL JUNIOR is an irreplaceable opportunity for players

In the first tournament, 12 top junior boys and 11 girls participated, and Sumiuchi Masato won the boys and Yamashita Ami won the girls.
The stage of the tournament was a hard setting that is unprecedented in junior competitions exceeding 8,000 yards for boys and 7,000 yards for girls. The setting of the course was prepared with the hope that junior golfers who receives the honor to challenge the highest level of amateur competition, "The Amateur" Championship, will experience the world standard toughness before going to UK.
We believe that the players who can demonstrate their abilities in this tournament are the ones who can compete in the world.
We hope that competing with the same generation under this environment will be an irreplaceable opportunity for all players.
The theme of the competition is "Courtesy & Intelligence".
Only those who have earned the personal respect from the world can move forward as the competitors of the next generation.
We believe that this valuable experience will hone intellect and help the pursuit of one's potential and value, allowing players to contribute to the development of golf and the world.

Boy's Winner

Sumiuchi Masato(MitoKEIMEI Highschool) 【Total -3 (141/68・73)】

Sumiuchi Masato
Play golf according to the plan and win!

On the first day, I was able to proceed according to the plan I made in advance and finished at 4 under par. Although the distance on the final day was shorter than on the first day, the wind was strong and the conditions were tough, requiring a lot of skill.
There were some unexpected and frustrating scenes in the first half, but the second half finished under par.
He won the championship with dignified golf without giving the lead until the end.


In anticipation of participating in The Amateur Championship, I definitely wanted to win. I have experienced matches overseas, but I still dream of participating in The Amateur Championship. Golf courses in the UK have a different way of attacking than courses in Japan, so I would like to acquire proper knowledge before playing. The goal of The Amateur Championship is to win. And my dream is to become a respected golfer. I hope that more children will start playing golf because of our success.

  • Sumiuchi Masato
  • Sumiuchi Masato
  • Sumiuchi Masato

Girl's Winner

Yamashita Ami(Takigawa Daini Highschool) 【Total 0 (144/70・74)】

Yamashita Ami
She has absolute confidence in match play,
wins the playoffs and becomes the winner!

Blessed with good weather on the first day, she scored 2 under with consistent play from beginning to end. Together with the runner-up, Yogo, she took the lead on the first day.
On the final day, she got off to a good start, but hit a regrettable triple bogey on the 3rd hole and took a step back. After that, she continued to fight back and forth with Yogo, and it went into playoff between the 2 players. On the 1st hole of the playoff, she pulled her tee shot but made a great recovery to make par and won the match. Yamashita was very confident about playing the playoff as she enjoys playing match play.


I was able to play in my own way and win the match, which gave me confidence. This is the first time I have experienced the playoffs, but I am better at match play than stroke play because I can play offensively. I was quite nervous, but it was a good experience. The final round of The Women's Amateur Championship will also be match play, so I want to pass the qualification rounds no matter what. At The Women's Amateur Championship, I would like to make the most of my experience in this tournament and improve my condition so that I can play the best golf.

  • Yamashita Ami
  • Yamashita Ami
  • Yamashita Ami

Leader Board


1-3Sumiuchi Masato6873141
2+1Moto Taishi7174145
3+3Shindo Taiga7176147
+3Hosoya Motoki7275147
+3Takata Keiichiro7572147
6+4Kuroda Yuma7474148
7+5Sato Kaito7178149
8+9Fujii Taiki7380153
+9Nakama Ryoma7677153
10+13Kobayashi Shoon7780157
11+14Ohara Riki7583158
+14Fujiwara Toi7979158


10Yamashita Ami7074144
20Yogo Yuina7074144
3+1Baba Saki7174145
4+6Araki Yuna7377150
+6Fujimoto Aina7575150
6+9Mori Yui7281153
7+10Tezuka Ayaka7480154
+10Tokunaga Ayumi7876154
9+12Kawabata Yui7581156
+12Yamamoto Runa7680156
11+13Inoshita Aika7879157
■Sudden Death Playoff 【No.18 Hole】
1st Playoff Hole
Yamashita AmiPar
Yogo YuinaBogey

Yamashita wins on the 1st playoff hole