Making Japanese golf
the world standard.

The course was designed with the aims of creating a course that is "world class," "develops players who can succeed internationally," and "attracts golfers who are respected worldwide."
This concept led to the creation of an 18-hole, par-72 course with a total length of 8,143 yards.
To bring international success to Japanese athletes ...
To enable everyone to come to love golf ...

Concept 01

Being the
"world standard"

Making Japanese golf the world standard.
The Royal Golf Club - harnessing the intellect of Japan's finest professional golfers.
An optimal environment for developing internationally-successful athletes with a level of beauty and a setting that is on a par with the world's most famous courses.
A unique golf course created from pride in Japan.

Concept 02

"behold, Japan, be a major championship course beautifully"

"Meeting global standard for beauty"
From the course design and its management and maintenance to our athletics, beauty- and health-related services, brand design, and interior design, we meet global standards for beauty in terms of what people see, the vast lawns that people walk on and feel, what they touch with their hands, what they feel with their five senses, and scenery that evokes our vision of the future ...